5 girls in a nude sorority initiation made to run naked and wrestle

This was one of the best college hazing videos ive seen so far so I thought I’d get a little gallery together of the hot action.  % pledges in this group standing outside and chanting the sorority motto and are then told to get naked,  The girls are obviouslt shocked and look to each other for support but their sorority sisters are having none of hit.  Didn’t you hear me I said get naked now!  She screams and the meek pledges quickly comply.

They are led upstairs where the girls have setup a baby pool especially for their initiation and they are made to wrestle and the winner gets to have her pussy licked by the losers.  Amazing stuff and 2 of the girls who don’t put in enough effort and obviously dont want to be a part of the group enough are punished for their insolence by being forced to bend over and have a dildo stuck firmly up their asses!


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A nude college girls initiation night of terror and fright from haze her



Damm this was pretty crazy, its like some sort of halooween hazing ceremony and it seems pretty clear the idea of the girls was to scare the hell of of the new sorority pledges.  They tell them a horror story about some massacre that happened on campus years to a bunch of pledges who were about to join the very sorority they are about to enter and then they take them out to a field at night.  Its creepy I don’t really know what to make of it.

You know they say that when some girls get scared they get really horny and thats definitely the case with this group of college sluts.  After a night of terror and fright their hazing climaxes with the girls lying down and eating each other out and sticking dildos in each others pussies.  Really freaky stuff but we could see the ladies put a lot of effort into it and it turned out really sexy in the end so for this naked hazing ceremony we crown the winner for this week on haze her.

Sorority pledges take a nude shower and fuck their sorority sisters face



It looks like there is some tension between the rush pledges in this sorority as we see from the start of this video.  In fact one of the girls who is going through hazing week is fed up with one of her fellow pledges and decides to get some revenge of her own.

It’s bad enough I have to rush with her but this bitch has been using my razor, my soap… I mean that’s personal shit how dare she so were going to get this disgusting slut back.  The blonde sorority girl then heads into her room where she is sleeping and while her friend films the whole thing on her camera she lowers her panties and sticks her ass directly into the poor girls face.  Its all just a big joke really till the big sorority sisters see what’s going on and lead out all the pledges into the hall.

Its time for these new sorority pledges to learn their place so the big sisters let them know what’s what.  You are all dirty sluts and it’s time for you all to take a shower to help get rid of that skanky smell.

The girls are made to strip naked and enter the where where they rub soap over others nude bodies and boobies.  The girls soon learn just who is in charge when they are told to kiss each other which leads to a three way make out session in the shower.

Things only get more hot and intense from here when the blonde antagonist has a strap on dildo attached to her face is is made to lie down on her back as her other pledges take turns in riding it shoving their pussies down the long shaft just inches away from her face!  How humiliating!

Coed pledges play a game of naked tennis as part of their sorority initiation ritual



I hope when their parents dropped these girls off at university that they packed some sunscreen in their bags.  They probably didn’t imagine a situation like this would come up however, I mean who would have thought that the simple act of entering a sorority would require playing tennis completely nude in the hot afternoon sun.

Unluckily for this group of college pledges they are not very skilful at hitting the ball around the court even with the encouragement of on of their big sorority sisters shouting insults at them with a loudspeaker.  Their lack of fitness must be punished in a different way so the big sisters have the rush pledges lay down on the court and get their tongues to work exercising each others pussies.

They have to put on a show to satisfy their big sisters who seem to get off on the whole thing telling them to moan and even getting them to lick some ass.  Pretty intense face sitting action in this haze her update and another especially hot college initiation video.  Man I love this shit and I always can’t believe the sort of stuff they make these girls do.

Sorority pledges licking pussy and getting fucked by vegetables for the sisterhood



The freshmen pledges have it clearly explained to them that today is the most important day of their lives.  Its a day that will make or break them where they are given a chance to prove they have what it takes be be a part of the +++++ sorority.

No one gets a free pass however and they must show they are willing to do whatever it takes for the sorority sisters and if that means licking some pussy for the sisterhood then that’s exactly what they are going to have to do.  There is some pretty bizarre treatment in this sorority hazing including the girls getting fucked by one of the senior sorority girls with a piece of corn!   and then as the girls are instructed to bend over they have a carrot stuck up their ass but that’s not even the most degrading part of this hazing video as the college sluts are them told to eat it!  Wow, I just can’t believe the things they are willing to do.

After entertaining the group with some old fashioned lesbian pussy eating the pledges are driven out of the dorm where they are told to undress and filmed as they streak completely naked around the campus as some cars drive by and beep their horns in appreciation of the nude show the ladies are putting on!  Another great update from haze her.

Nude college girls streak during the sorority initiation hazing

We had no idea sororities were so demanding, this weeks submission video winner takes the cake in originality and pure awesomeness! the girls at this sorority have no shame in making their pledges do the most random sexual acts for our seer entertainment. and for that we say Thank you, These poor pledges had to do naked cartwheel, naked bike riding and naked diking out! there is nothing hotter than watching six hot coeds going down on each other and scissoring all in the name of their pledge ship. We guarantee you’ll get your jollys off with this one enjoy!.



New college girls strip nude as part of their naked sorority initiation

4 cute sorority girls in a nude sorority initiation

*Video:sorority naked inspection and pussy licking video


The lead sister in this naked initiation video is such a bitch with no regard for the feelings of her new pledges and she bosses them around like a total bully as the other girls call them all dirty sluts!  The pledges are told that they are trying to join the hottest sorority on campus and they must first pass inspection before they can possibly consider themselves part of the sisterhood.  This will be a sorority hazing they will not soon forget!

The poor girls are told to strip nude and bend over for their naked inspection while the blonde bitch begins to poke at one of the girls pussy with a dildo, she moans with pleasure as all the other girls call her a slut!  Amazing but the big sister has one more demand and decides its time for the sorority initiates to learn how to eat pussy.  One by one they all have to make her cum and she is not a girl you want to disappoint.


5 college girls forced to strip naked for their sorority initiation

5 girls naked in a lineup for their initiation to college


Its a new school year and the hopefuls of the alpha gamma sorority house are once again tested and ritually humiliated in the desperate hope of joining their sorority sisters.  It’s not an easy task for these new pledges however and their tormentors are extremely demanding.

First instructing them to strip completely naked the girls are shocked but have no choice other than to follow their orders.  Something really kinky is going on in this sorority hazing as the girls lesbian tendencies come to the surface when they are told to lick their fellow sisters pussy!  Well just how bad do they really want to become part of the sorority?  A naked initiation none of the girls are soon to forget!